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got nothin on you - rants and rambles
got nothin on you
there ain't nothin in the world so hard so cold that i can't feel your arms around me
there ain't nothin in heaven
and hell ain't nowhere near close to touchin you
oh god i love you so much

there ain't nothin in the world, be so cloakin sound that i can't hear your voice
ringing clear tenor bright
silence, it can't quiet you
and i'm lovin you forever, loving you forever
oh god i love you so much

this song, music in my soul
is pounding in my heart
flowing through my body, tears running down my helpless cheeks
oh death he ain't got nothing on you, he got nothin on you
god i love you so much

hell can't touch,
silence can't quiet
death got nothin, nothin on you

copyright alessiana 2010

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