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The Golden Origami - rants and rambles
The Golden Origami
I'll keep your hand like so, bound with wrapping
I'll risk the weeping seal...
and risk the crease that over time is sure to split your parchment skin beneath,
seeping still
but I don't care...
for your hand contained, can't be challenged.
and your hand folded, can't be questioned.

I believe you.
and I see... that wrapped this way
you are undeniable

To you, even when I speak in a cadence stolen from poets long dead,
I am beautiful
To you, even as my words are weak and withdrawn,
I am as I was before...
And even as my ego ascends angered by the small of heart,
you show me to be a beauty still

I wonder at this beauty
and I wonder at you...
for from your hand so bound, flowed the ink of a truth's beauty displayed
and wrapped this way, I see you... undeniable.
As the most beautiful I have ever known.



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