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laundry - fukushima haunting - rants and rambles
laundry - fukushima haunting
i want to have a conversation with you as if it were that summer. i want to see your eyes. your curly hair. i want to see you. but you're not here
so i have it with myself, but only for a second

the steps going down to the laundry. they talk back unbidden ..say "this smear, this blot, this stain, this piece of shit upon me have been here since that summer... look at me look at me look at me..."

the darkened stairwell's hand prints - mine for stability - force me to the present.

why aren't you here?
cry outside scream inside
completely alone

the scent of downy balls leaches into every corner of the house, a poison gas of cleanliness

Michael loved Japan

april 9th 2011 - 29 days, 11 hours, 7 minutes
40,000 Michaels leaving hundreds of thousands of mes crying inside
it is never enough

aless 2011 doing laundry in despair


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